Lancashire's Living Seas

Marine Awareness

Lancashire's Living Seas

The seas off the coast of Lancashire are teeming with life!

They are wholeheartedly 'living' with so many secrets waiting to be discovered.  

Sea squirts and brittlestars © Paul Naylor

Connect to your coast

Most of us have a connection to the coast that either takes us home, revives a fond memory or even simply grounds ourselves in a moment. Making these moments and building these memories are more important now than ever.

The Lancashire's Living Seas Project is hoping to help you build just that! Through discovering the treasures of the shore to (metaphorically) delving into the depths of the Irish Sea, we aim to give you those warm memories and build your affinity towards the coast and all its wonders. 

In partnership with Lancashire Wildlife Trust and Wyre Council, the Lancashire's Living Seas Project will give you the opportunity to enjoy the coast in a whole host of different ways.

Living Seas

Our aim is to have an Irish Sea that is bustling with life, from delicate, mud-dwelling sea pens to boisterous bottlenose dolphins surfing the waves. Where marine wildlife thrives, from the depths of the ocean to the coastal shallows.

Inspiring people to care about our seas

Our coast and Irish Sea has a wonderful amount of wildlife but it also has its threats, the health of this complex ecosystem needs maintaining to help to regulate our climate, support biodiversity, provide livelihoods and offer recreational opportunities.  

We must inspire and engage people with our marine environment in order to build a lasting connection that will encourage them to support campaigns for its protection. It is vital that we are all involved in surveying, campaigning, protecting and advocating for our coastline, from collecting evidence to shouting about the wild and wonderful creatures living on the coast of Lancashire, so we can all become guardians of our Irish Sea!


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