Secret of the sea

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Secret of the Sea

A family story trail taking you on a journey through the Irish Sea

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Out there… somewhere below the surface of the sea… lies a whole host of weird and wonderful wildlife and landscapes. Why not take a moment to meet some of the characters that call the Irish Sea their home....

Meet the characters

Meet Mylo the sea pen

Mylo is a seapen. He is a feathery kind of sea creature. Mylo loves mud, the gloopy, sticky, kind, the splashy, sandy kind. Mylo LOVES mudlarking around!

Meet Brit the brittlestar

Brit is a brittlestar. She is a very cosmopolitan, leggy, delicate kind of sea creature. Brit prefers a more sandy seabed (but occasionally uses the gloopy muddy kind for her beautifying face packs).

Meet Canute the quahog

Canute is a quahog. He is an old, wise kind of sea creature. Canute grows very slowly, you can find out his age by counting the growth rings which appear on the outside and inside of his shell!

Meet Spud the sea potato

Spud is a sea potato. He is a very hairy, bristly kind of sea creature. Spud is covered in spines, which he uses to burrow into muddy and sandy seabeds.

Meet Cerryn the spoon worm

Cerryn is a spoon worm. She is a green and plump kind of sea creature. Cerryn loves burrowing into sandy and muddy seabeds and extending out her bizarre spoon shaped tongue.

Meet Glenn the grey seal

Glenn is a grey seal. He is a very playful and curious kind of sea creature. If taking a trip along the coast you might see Glenn or his friends bobbing at the surface of the water.

Meet Maximus the basking shark

Maximus is a basking shark. He is an extremely large but harmless kind of sea creature. Maximus is a born traveller, covering large distances (at a very leisurely pace!) in search of food.

Meet Darragh the Dublin Bay prawn

Darragh is a Dublin bay prawn. He is a homely kind of sea creature. Darragh is related to the common lobster but can be readily identified by his smaller size, orange-red colour, slender claws and kidney bean shaped eyes.

Secret of the Sea characters under the sea. Photo: Paul Naylor

Secret of the Sea characters under the sea. Photo: Paul Naylor