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Grey seals ©Lindsey Dickings/NW Evening Mail

Scientific reports

Surveying honeycomb worm reef

Surveying honeycomb worm reefs

Our officers, trainees and apprentices undertake numerous scientific surveys. Examples of our reports are available to download below.

Policy reports

As the UK plans to leave the European Union, there is a unique opportunity to revolutionise the way we manage our vulnerable seas. The Wildlife Trusts have identified five key challenges that must be addressed in order to restore our Living Seas and secure their health for future generations.

Read our report: The Way Back to Living Seas

The Wildlife Trusts have been campaigning for a well-managed network of Marine Protected Areas since 2003. Concerned about the serious declines we were seeing in our species
and habitats, we challenged the Government to take a new approach. This report covers why we all need a healthy sea, the principals of ecological coherence, why marine protection matters and where the big gaps are in the current network of Marine Protected Areas.

Read our report: The case for more MCZs

Family publications

Explore the secrets of the Irish Sea with this family story trail.
Out there… somewhere below the surface of the sea… lies a whole host of weird and wonderful wildlife and landscapes. Use the map to guide you through the story around the Irish Sea and spot the characters and different locations along the way.

Download the Secret of the Sea