Marine conservation projects

What we do

Marine conservation projects

Harbour porpoises in the Irish Sea ©Nikki Clear

Conservation of the Irish Sea is our mission

As Living Seas North West we carry undertake a number marine conservation activities across the North West and wider Irish Sea with the help of volunteers and the support of members. We want to protect and restore key habitats and species in the Irish Seas.

A voice for marine life

We work on marine policy and legislation to ensure that our marine life is protected and resources are managed appropriately.

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Sole © Amy Lewis

We raise awareness

We can't protect wildlife for the future without both public and political support. We work with communities, schools, partner organisations, government and politicians to raise awareness about the wealth of wildlife in the Irish Sea, the issues it faces and the need for protection.

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Community engagement projects

Take action for our seas

Our marine life is in trouble. Please support our campaign for more Marine Conservation Zones to protect the marine life you love.

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