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We stand up for marine life

The Wildlife Trusts have a long history of campaigning for positive change for nature and people and helping local communities to save special places for wildlife. 

After a long campaign which attracted enthusiastic cross party support from the backbenches, The Wildlife Trusts helped to secure the passing of the Marine and Coastal Access Act in 2009. Since then we have been campaigning to ensure that the Government designates the network of Marine Protected Areas throughout UK seas that it promised. We have also run campaigns to defend our existing Nature Conservation designations and positive change post-Brexit. Find our current campaigns below...

Support our campaign for Marine Conservation Zones

Urchins and brittlestars ©Paul Naylor

Can you do something wild every day in June?

Boy rockpooling ©Alex Mustard/2020VISION

Muddy habitats in the Irish Sea are at risk

Paul Naylor