West of Copeland

West of Copeland

Marine Conservation Zone

158 Sq Km
3 key habitats
nautical miles offshore

The seabed here ranges from fine sand to mixed and coarse sediment, providing a home for a variety of animals such as anemones, sea urchins, bivalves (animals with paired, hinged shells), starfish, and bryozoans (“moss animals”). The site is especially important for the protection of subtidal coarse sediment habitats and the communities supported by them, particularly in deep water.

West of Copeland is located off the coast of Copeland, Cumbria, and covers three different habitat types: subtidal coarse sediment; subtidal mixed sediment; and subtidal sand.

Home to a diverse range of creatures that form a vital part of the Irish Sea food web
Map of Irish Sea Marine Conservation Zones
West of Walney

Anita Gould

Special features

This Marine Conservation Zone covers one of few areas of subtidal coarse sediments in the the Irish Sea. These seabed habitats and the species they support are especially important as they occur in deeper water and they are sensitive to damage (e.g. from trawling).

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