Marine life

Marine life

Dahlia anemone © Amy Lewis

Live seal cam
Marine wildlife explorer
Report sightings & strandings

Discover local marine life

There is a wealth of wildlife in the Irish Sea. Delve deeper by meeting our local resident seal population or finding out more information about the marine life of our coasts and seas.

Live seal cam

Grey seals © Jamie Hall

Explore marine life

Basking shark ©Alexander Mustard/2020VISION

Coastal & marine habitats

Reporting and recording marine life

Find out more about how to report a live or dead stranded marine animal or record interesting wildlife sightings when you are out and about.

Sick, injured or dead animals

Stranded harbour porpoise © Colin Lane

Wildlife sightings

Compass jellyfish ©Paul Naylor

Top places to visit

From shingle spits and rocky shores, towering red sandstone cliffs and vast sandy shorelines, to saltmarshes and estuaries, discover our best coastal sites for wildlife across the North West.


Best places to visit for wildlife

Sabellaira reef at Allonby Bay ©NWIFCA