Sand dune conservation volunteer for the Fylde Sand Dunes Project

Sand dune conservation volunteer for the Fylde Sand Dunes Project

Reference: Sand Dune Conservation Volunteer
Location: Various locations along the Fylde Coast, Lancashire
Over the last 150 years over 80% of Lancashire's sand dunes have been lost, mainly as a result of urban expansion. Sand dunes play in important role in flood defence, and as such the Fylde Sand Dunes Project is trying to protect, conserve and restore these dunes.

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Project aims

The project aims to widen the dunes by creating embryo dunes on the foreshore essentially growing the dunes back towards the sea. In creating new dune habitat the project also aims to enhance the nature conservation interest of this coastal habitat and increase public appreciation and enjoyment of the dunes.

In order to achieve this, the project carries out regular practical conservation methods on the dunes which includes:

• Controlling invasive non-native species

• Repairing the dunes by thatching and filling blow-outs to reduce sand loss from the system

• Developing pathways to create recognisable access points and reduce dune erosion

• Creating dune slacks to encourage a greater diversity of wildlife

• Planting dune grasses and using chestnut paling and other natural materials to trap wind-blown sand and create new dunes on the foreshore.

We're looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help in the delivery of our project. We hold regular volunteer work parties every Thursday between 10am - 3pm. 

If you are passionate about your local area and keen to make a difference please get in touch.

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"I feel really good after a day of practical work on the dunes. It's rather therapeutic, and I've learnt a lot about dune processes, vegetation and wildlife whilst volunteering with this project”